About me


I'm Nathalie, a 30 something French Expat who is enjoying the American way of living.

I'm extremely happily married to a wonderful husband (affectionately called Darling Pie) with whom I've been madly in love since 2000.

We live with our 3 sweet, snuggly, adorable and loving (but quite demanding) 4 legged girls, in the beautiful State of New York that we have been calling home since 2007.


 Why I chose to call my blog "One intention at a time"

Choosing a title for my blog was pretty easy. 
I always have plenty of ideas running loose in my brain and I'm constantly telling myself "I should do this", "I want to do that", "I absolutely must try this or that". Unfortunately, most of the time I don't follow through, so the initial "fantastic" idea ends up on my never ending list of intentions.
I initially started this blog to help me keep track of some of my ideas, hoping that it would help me push through and bring them to life.
As I'm building it up, I realize it became more of a melting pot of all kinds of stuff... and it's fine with me! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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